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Weeks are running fast in the central Europe, soon it's autumn vacation one week that I will spend in my home country Finland, slightly more than a week after that I went to Germany for a world organized political meeting with 700 other students from worldwide. I am looking forward positively!

Today I and my best buddy Viktor,
spend the last school day in
the 30 degrees hot sun
just to enjoy the



Spend your weekend wisely, soon it's monday morning again!


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Hello all my mighty friends!

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What's up?


Wednesday always look impenetrable, my timetable are plenty with subjects and courses. But once I have survived even though I have been sick and tired(like a sloth).

Good news:
  • 10^3 friends on facebook.
  • My highschore is 329 blog checkers on one whole day, 124 readers.
  • My back have been better, actually I haven't felt any sick there around four days now!



Today I had my first BERMUN encounter, it seem like we are a great group. Alexander, Alexander and Alexandra + Therese and me! We decided a lot of important things already one thing was that I will be the IT-master and code a website or a blog or something there we can put some publicly available information.

This morning I woke up to late and the nice guy, kind of a houseparent knocked on my door. - "Wake up, it's breakfast!" I felt sick and had fell a sleep again. I got two strepsils of him before I went to school!(Y)

I also skipped my physical trainig with my floorball team. On Sunday we Waterloo Lions have our opening match in Adults Division 1 against Tigers Krazinem FC in Sporthal Ottoy in Denderleeuw. I have to be 100% healthy then!

Floorball, yes or no? Will see it on Sunday!

Sick and Studying


Hallo Berlin! Halten ich komme an!

Ich will nach Deutschland gehe 15-20 November mit vier anderen Studenten aus meiner Schule und die BERMUN director Mikael Sjöholm. Ich bin sehr glücklich!

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum zweiten vier, wie auch mitkommen!

Bermun ist einen jugend-politik treffe mit viele politisch interessierten jungen Menschen aus der ganzen Welt! Ich liebe die Politik!


Days, life and everything are just going better and better it doesn't seem to end!
Number of places from my school was only 5, school elected me.

What is BERMUN?

BERlin Model United Nations is a conference, in which 700 high school students come together to simulate the real United Nations by taking the role of a delegate of a country different from the persons origin to discuss political issues.

What do you do?

BERMUN is all about debating and politics. Along a set of given topics, delegates come together from all over the world and aim at formulating a resolution that addresses the topic at hand. First, delegates write draft resolutions in little lobbying groups. Subsequently, all lobbying groups present, debate and amend each others resolutions. Finally, the committee votes on these resolutions and tries to pass the most substantial and effective resolution.

When? Where?

BERMUN takes place this year from November 16th to November 19th in the John F. Kennedy School, Berlin. If you are interested in taking part in the BERMUN 2011 conference, please send an email to bermun[at] and we will add you to the Invitation Mailing List. Please also indicate the school name and country of origin. You will then receive Registration Material in May/June 2011.


Es ist genau wie gut!


Danke Schön!

<3 Deutschland über alles nur!


Diamond League in Belgium, one of the best day in my life so far!

Friday was a long day, I had spend whole Thursday to get my tickets to Diamond League but without a credit card it was impossible. I send their an email "I am only 17 years old and cannot pay a ticket online cause I am not available to have a credit card. I Got an e-mail message back then, there it stood something like this: "Don't worry, we  still have tickets left that you can buy tomorrow at the desk situated in the avenue Houba de Strooper, in front of the main tribune. Regards, Zahra".

Friday morning I went to school, handed in my BERUM 2011 application(political subject in Germany) and went to the leaderchip lesson. Around ten o'clock I took my stuff and started to jog down to the railwaystation and bought an "aller et retour" ticket.

Waterloo(10:58) -> Brussels Midi -> tram to  Simonis (Lepoid ||) -> tram back to -> Brussels Midi -> tram Heysel -> Metro Brussels Midi -> Metro Heysel -> Metro Brussels Midi -> Train back to Waterloo(23:58).

Before I started. Pretty stressful.

First tram I took from Brussels Midi to Heysel. It was the wrong tram!=P

Lucky as I am I got one of the last tickets! All tickets were sold out at the evening! (Haha, some kind of a happy face!)

I found Atomium on my way!=D(Y)

Atomium, underside!=) Huge, If you compare with the people on the ground!='D

Metro, was much faster than the tram 51,
probably cause it's not so much trafic down in the dark tunnels!

Art outside of Brussels Midi station.


Brussels - Heysel


An enorm castle in Heysel

Water fountain - Heysel

Cannons! - Heysel

Best sandwich ever in my life! With a spicy mayonnaise + frites for only 4 euro at a private resturant. (On the pic, the half sandwich already is eaten up!)

Youths are warming up!

OMEGA did a lot of advertisements at the Diamond League. It was always a sponsor.

Famous athlets.

Famous athlete.

Outside of the Stadium.

First time at Diamond League!

Handicap(their legs)

Usain Bolt in the middle!

Usain Bolt from Jamaica in Belgium, Brussels 2011.

Andreas Thorkildsen - Javelin thrower from Norway!

The Belgium brothers Kévin Brolée and Jonathan Brolée,
they won and come second at 400 meters. That's strong, whole public stood up during the race.

Usain Bolt before he ran, some rituals!=P





Pole Vault




It was cool when the whole stadium did the wave!

Stadium, I often look at big athletics competitions on TV, somebody says that you can much better follow it from the TV. That is not the true the speaker are holding you up to date whole time!. Those feelings and the atmosphere I received was really amazing! You cannot describe it before you been there by yourself!

Me and the finnish flag. I supported my friend Jonathan Åstrand which ran 200 meters! Even the javelin thrower Ari Mannio! I think I was the only real dude from Finland, actually I saw two small finnish flags at tribute one.

Atomium by night in the behind!

Atomium  in the night!

I met a lot of new people on my own trip, this is my two new french friends! I had to talk french whole day to new people and to take myself forward! Those people from Jamaica and Africa I sat with on the athletics grandstand I of course had to use English with as in other situations on my trip.

My Diamond League trip was better than I could believe! It was one of the best day in my life so far and I have had many great days! So it was really



Some parts from the inside of the castle!


Marble staircase.

First floor, my floor!

Uuh, spooky view!


Second floor.

Only Cool views of a otherwise booring casestair.

Link part with living room, kitchen, toilets, laundry and cleaning, you even got to the balcony from this part of the castle.


Living room!


Nice overview!

Looking down from balcony.

A real castle. I can take the castle history another time.

Back from balcony again, inside view.

Art, still inside the castle.

Have it!=)

My days as an exchange student are going perfect!

I had my own opinions of this year before I hooked up here. My opinion was following: Belgium felt comfortable to start my abroad studies in, cause it's yeah in the heart of Europe. Also to get to know new people and learn myself new languages better! My school is like a multilingual environment and here can I hear English, French and Nordic languages every day more than less.

This cool photo shown here belongs to Axel Bjurs! Enjoy!;D


Brev till älsklingsgrabben ifrån Finland!


May I have to open it later? It's quite heavy!:O


Matte cram after a physical workout

Yeah so derivatan is on the topic and now we are studying really hard! After my pysical training with my floorball team I ate a dinner for three humans then I went to my bed to chill and I felt like I had eaten a big whole horse!

Yeah, uh huh,

you know what it is

Derivatan and derivatan, derivatan and derivatan.

See you tomorrow awesome dudes! Many great regards to my earlier School in Finland GIP = Gymnasiet I Petalax!


Today it's today!

Hello my friends!

Welcome even every single awesome dude which has randomly turned into this page! Enjoy!

- Written and photographed Monday 12.9.2011 about 12:54

A new week means a lot of new opportunities! Have a great time!

Brügge, Belgium

Last friday 9.7.2011 we went for a class trip up to Brugge! I took a lot of pictures, We got a quiz to do and in that case we also did sightseeing around the city, I think that was the point of doing it. (But I asked some Brugge inhabitants about some questions [of some girls] that later on added me on facebook!;O;)) You better be smart!

Before we left back to Waterloo we did a bout trip around the city in canals for an hour. That was also funny and appreciated!


Here is the start of our sightseeing!

Swans!=) SO CUTE?;)

Canals arond the whole city. Romantic and cozy!

Otto and Kalle. Respect to the brothers!

A statue. Very nicely!

A mighty church!:O Gigantic!

A huge view from the giant church top!

The church bells at the top, that is 366 steps upstairs.

Snack at a resturant. That party snack looks like a heart!:O;D

"SIMON STEVIN - was a Dutch mathematician and military engineer"


Culture on the canals both sides.

More arts.

Our boat from inside. Pretty stylish, steering wheel.

Ouch! Watch out!

Expensive place!


Pretty warm water also but dirty^^

An old hospital.

World's smallest window.


Very nice city!=)

We had the same double-decker bus whole day!

On the way home DJ-MOA got the music!(Y)



At monday 29.9.2011 we had a sport day. We were splitted in 10 different teams with about 10 students from each group from GYM 1-3.

And strangely enough, was my teamwon it all! Good teamwork teammates!

Which consisted of:
basketball,indoor activities, football, biking, wheel barrow race, quiz, race and the last and eight sport facilities was memory.

The prices of the whole day was honor and glory. But even necessities like nike headbands, adidas socks and candy!

At dinner we ate BBQ-meal!

Nike headband!

Adidas socks!


I really love my new music room!

"Pictures from the first time I visit the fantastic music room."


Awesome pic there on the G power chord!
Especially girls! From Finland & Norway!

Sweet Child O'Mine - Guns N'Roses?

Pretty sweeT


I even get the chans to record my songs!

I really like to be here or am I meant to be it?

Place to be!

J & Sofia a Finnish Swedish IB student.



My new school and it is so good as I aspected.

Kindergarten or for them who want to play. For children it's a paradise.

It looks so exotic nice!

Children and chillplace.

Tennis and basketball court.

The big great and new sports hall.


In belgium it's a lot of large, wide and really high trees.


My Mighty castle, which I defend every day.

See you when you see me!


En sen kväll på slottet

Go kväll!

Någon kväll av första veckan på slottet var Michelle hos mig och vi ritade ihop
finlands ishockey lejon maskot!


Fredagen den 26 Augusti och Lördagen den 27 Augusti

På fredagskvällen drog jag ut för att kolla utelivet i Belgien och konstaterade att det är väldigt bra! Lärde känna några nya ansikten och när vi satt å snackade som mest ett par schyssta grabbar nämnde 'ypperligt' därför en sådan väldigt härlig typ Viktor om en innebandy tryout följande dag och de var oroliga att hitta någon bra innebandymålvakt eftersom deras förra har flyttat till Sverige. De blev sjukt glada att höra att jag var en målvakt. Lördagen blev det tryout->

"Finland och Sverige är ju de bästa innebandy nationerna i världen"

Första äkta gången: -TJA TJA BLOGGEN!;D

Fint kvällsväder!

Nästa dag vaknade man upp och åt brunch 11:00 sedan 13:00 stod man i en inomhushall med en mycket passlig och bekväm innebandy dräkt på sig och vaktade målet för U-18 juniorerna i den Belgiska serien. Jag är så glad att få möjlighet att spela innebandy här. Missar ju byaligan, B-team, skolturneringarna, församlingsturneringarna och övriga turneringar.

- Master Photographer a norwegian girl

Fick positiv kritik av hela laget! Serien börjar i September någon gång,
hör av mig med statistiken sedan.


Prinsrummet på slottet!

Tjo! Lördagen den 20 Augusti var man på och IKEA och handlade mycket praktiska och nödvändiga saker till slottet. Eftersom jag inte var så långt borta från Bryssel tog jag en snabbsväng och checkade en liten del av innerstaden och en liten del av den stora parken också!


Michelle & J

Prins rummet

Rum 103

Man blir så glad varje morgon!

Mjukisdjuren som pryder min högsta hylla så fint. Nämligen min "snälla" bror
"Ocke" som skickade med dem från Bulgarien.
<-Nemo           och       Waterloo->

Schöönaste sängen!

Min utsikt från rummet.

En stor anslagstavla,
skicka gärna hit något att pryda den med medan det finns plats vill säga!

Man kan inte bli mycket mer motiverad att studera!

Ha det bäst alla ni som checkat denna supernice-iga blogg!

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