TV4 Sweden, spring and the magazine 'Kompis' is released!

It's happening a lot at SSB for the moment with everything! But it's also good and fun to be under pressure sometimes! :)

Today we had visiters from TV4 Sweden that made a program about our School so keep your eyes open, 

hopefully I will get that viedo type and link it here later.

Yesterday's 'Korfbaal' tournament went really good in that case it was the first time we played together and played real games but if we had got one or two trainings to practise especially to train shoots it had probably went much better.

They are playing this strange sport a lot here in Belgium and Holland professional and in schools. Check this out 'Korfbaal' link:

It feels more and more like spring now but not really and I hope it will be warmer and all these colds can disappear in the air!

Today was the magazine 'Kompis' released in atleast my old lower secondary school Högstadiet i Petalax (HiP). I spoiled my blog there, and here it is! Plz just feel free to contact me or be my friend on facebook for instance! It's a totally new magazine and I have no clues what it looks like yet, just so exciting!;D I will soon get that article from the company posted to my school, just waiting! (bah).

Today is also the International Women's Day which is always celebrated on 8 March for women's inequality!


Except that the TV4 filmed my lesson when I had mother tongue, I also got my grade as an actor today I got a well achieved 10. (In Finland we have the scale from 4-10 in Lower Secondary School). Because we had a project to make a movie about some kind of saints. And my group decided to make a movie about the well known "Saint Göran and the dragon".

Boyaah, a very good day at the school!

<=> Tomorrow comes Friday even better!



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