Waregem in Flandern and in the North part of Belgium!

A new adventure more experience! The main point why I did went to Waregem

was that my friend from Finland Mathias Nyfors have an exchange student here in Belgium so we decided meet up when he still was here!

My friend Mathias from Finland showed my around and told me some intresting things about the town, as why it's so many different horse statues around the city, the answer had a legend behind.

- enjoy!

It have been a lot of train changes between Waterloo - Waregem.
Waterloo-Brussels, Midi-Gent-Waregem

A giant school, there Mathias's exchange student was from.

A beautiful and large as usual park in Belgium.

A cute bridge from the park that I had to test!

Third pic from the huge park, that had a lot of culture and statues.

A church in Waregem which was located in the middle of the centrum surrounded with cafées and small shops.

A historical warrior from many many hundreds of hundreds years ago.

A text in dutch, it also was sunny day as you can see, the sun in the mirror,
that was appreciated!


Horse number one!

A pretty cinema!

Waregems main park

The lake which was located in the main park of Waregem.

Special growing tree!

My friend Mathias.

Horse number two!

Last pic and the third horse I saw!

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.


Congratulations best brothers ever and my cousin!

Grattis, Onneksi olkoon, Congratulations, Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Félicitations!

To the best brothers ever and one of my favourite cousin!

To my "hockey lover" cousin! -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeMo7_l2h8Y


Well, good evening friends!

I just sitting infront of the computer and looking forward!
I had a tough workout tonight with the Waterloo Lions Senior team and tomorrow morning I continue playing floorball but in gym class, I look forward to it!

Eero from Finland and the "goal keeper"

We are playing together in Waterloo Lions U-18 team, we are the only finnish speaking guys, it's fun to have somebody from an own country in same team, appreciated!

So good night, and sleep tight!


From sunny greetings to windy autumn!

Yeah, well hello my dear friends!

Approximately a week ago it was scorching hot!


Michelle and Sophia, finnish students. Great pic!

Luxury to read books in sun!

And nowadays windy autumn!


Moving image

Autumn 2011 has started!


BERMUN encounter + European Championship football Sweden-Holland

Today's two main points was the BERLIN encounter and an
European Championship qualifying football match!
Today's two main points was the BERMUN encounter and an
European Championship qualifying football match.

After school I had a political meeting with the BERMUN group. We did performances of Portugal that will be our starting point in Berlin Nov 15-20. On Thursday, we will went to the Portuguese Embassy for an encounter. We also increased by a new director that wanted to join us. Today's meeting was informative, interesting and very fun. Now it really feels like we are a team that works together!

Alexander (member, SC), J (IT-master, DC), Therese (ambassador, PC) and Alexander (member, HR). Alexandra is missing, (member, SC).


General Assembly Communities

Keep your eyes open cause soon it's comming a website/blog about our BERMUN group!

Yeah as the secondly topic says Sweden-Holland, Sweden won 3-2! That was lucky, because now are every swedish student extra happy!

Swedish castle guys!

Last but not least, I received a call by Mathias Nyfors! One of my reliable contacts from the same original village as me, we will try to get together this week while he nevertheless here in Belgium is.


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