Finally weekend!

Hey everybody,

it feels so good with a well-deserved weekend after another tough week in school, this is actually my penultimate weekend of this school year in Belgium here at Scandinavian School of Brussels. It feels strange, how can time go so fast? I'm trying to enjoy these last days now...

I know many friends in Finland, Sweden and Malax already have got Summer Vacation, it's only 12 days left now for me it feels good, but also a bit sad to leave this life. Many have asked, what will it feels like? I will try to take it as a man I tell them.

Sad to leave the floorball team without goalkeeper, all friends and everything around. This year has been awesome, no matter how I look on it! For all new attending students next year, enjoy the awesome time of experiences and fun!

Butte de Lion, Waterloo Battlefield - The most prominent sight on the battlefield of Waterloo is a 148 foot high earthen mound topped by a huge cast iron lion!

I'm just sharing this picture to you(haha), it's from the Model United Nations times during this school year and from my point of view I thought it would fit in to say: I had my last exam of this week today in Econmics & Business!

$$$$$$$$$$$8)..... the test felt good however, hoping for a 10 which is the best result in Finland(in Finland we have a scale from 4-10)!

More posts and more awesome and more vigorous posts are coming soon... hold on my crazy readers!


Grattis till alla studenter!

Grattis till alla mina vänner och bekanta som blir,
studenter och färdiga med sina examens hemma i Finland!


Glad sommar till alla er som får sommarlov imorgon också! Njut!

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