Back on track in Finland!

It is good to be back on track in Finland! Except that all the water in the castles showers are icecold, usually you have to wait a while before it comes warmer but I think they have cut it off during the Autumn vacation.

Right at the moment I am sitting on the third floor and do some Finnish maths by myself, but actually I am going to grab some food before my English lesson starts, after that I have a Finnish lesson left. Looking forward!

Today we had the 4 kilometer test, damn what confusing! It was blood and anger! But the teacher told me you will get the highest grade so that was a relief!;D;)

I have not met everybody yet here back in Belgium, but soon!

Here comes some pictures from the last week and that hopefully telling you that the Autumn have come and also have come ti visit Belgium. In Finland the weather actually was pretty warm, warmer than it should be, but it is warmer climate in whole Europe generally!

A huge airport in Belgium!

Our rose roses in Finland also was growing, maybe it's just because the different climate in Europe.

Ey yo!

A gray scarve!


Picture from the rugby field at my campus!

Have a great day!



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