BERMUN encounter + European Championship football Sweden-Holland

Today's two main points was the BERLIN encounter and an
European Championship qualifying football match!
Today's two main points was the BERMUN encounter and an
European Championship qualifying football match.

After school I had a political meeting with the BERMUN group. We did performances of Portugal that will be our starting point in Berlin Nov 15-20. On Thursday, we will went to the Portuguese Embassy for an encounter. We also increased by a new director that wanted to join us. Today's meeting was informative, interesting and very fun. Now it really feels like we are a team that works together!

Alexander (member, SC), J (IT-master, DC), Therese (ambassador, PC) and Alexander (member, HR). Alexandra is missing, (member, SC).


General Assembly Communities

Keep your eyes open cause soon it's comming a website/blog about our BERMUN group!

Yeah as the secondly topic says Sweden-Holland, Sweden won 3-2! That was lucky, because now are every swedish student extra happy!

Swedish castle guys!

Last but not least, I received a call by Mathias Nyfors! One of my reliable contacts from the same original village as me, we will try to get together this week while he nevertheless here in Belgium is.



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