Today I had my first BERMUN encounter, it seem like we are a great group. Alexander, Alexander and Alexandra + Therese and me! We decided a lot of important things already one thing was that I will be the IT-master and code a website or a blog or something there we can put some publicly available information.

This morning I woke up to late and the nice guy, kind of a houseparent knocked on my door. - "Wake up, it's breakfast!" I felt sick and had fell a sleep again. I got two strepsils of him before I went to school!(Y)

I also skipped my physical trainig with my floorball team. On Sunday we Waterloo Lions have our opening match in Adults Division 1 against Tigers Krazinem FC in Sporthal Ottoy in Denderleeuw. I have to be 100% healthy then!

Floorball, yes or no? Will see it on Sunday!

Sick and Studying



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