Brussels and the Finnish president election 2012!

Same week as I came back from the winter vacation I went to Brussels with my voting card that I brought with me from Finland, for voting in the president election (round one).

In Finland to be able to vote in any of the bigger elections one requirement is to be 18 years old, which I became during my holiday. I like politics and I am glad and proud especially to be able to vote same year as I got 18 in the president election itself. I was one of the few 1994 born youths in Finland that voted!

This was the Finnish president candidates 2012 in the first round.

I met my friends at the voting place, Seamans Church. We shared a cup of coffee it was a nice atmosphere and good feelings with a lot of Finnish people gathered at same place in whole Belgium.

It was also a second round but that time I went with a teacher from SSB with some students from GYM 3 also.

It was a competition between these two gentlemen in the final round:

<- Pekka Haavisto Vs Sauli Niinistö ->

The winner was... Sauli Niinistö and he is the new president of Finland!

I am proud that Sauli Niinistö won, (guess who I was voting on?), he is man with lots of experiences and he has been second twice president elections against Tarja Hallonen, In Finland you are allowed to be president two 6 years periods.

The former president of Finland Tarja Hallonen, and Barack Obama!

Brussels around at the same tour,

My friend and I at Grand Place, (Y) It was a real pleasure to meet you guys!

- Brussels, great view

- Brussels, oui!

Good night every single nice dude! Tomorrow starts the new school week but this week will be shorter because we have Sports Vacation starting from Thursday!

Keep out, wonderful vacation!

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