Lazy Friday and Floorball updating!

Friday and the start shot of the winter vacation, WOHOO!

The first whole day in the winter vacation, I ate lunch with the teachers ^^. Yeah, for you who didn't knew I am staying in Belgium during the Winter vacation now, so if you want to come and visit me just come over here to the castle! ;)

The Easter break is almost three weeks and then I will leave Belgium for Finland or France and that vacation is coming fast, I want to point out that the time since christmas vacation have went fast as a snap with the fingers. I'm staying in Belgium to get to know the country more, and visit attractions and maybe take a trip crossing the country's frontiers! I will meet friends, and make new friends and get some nice visiters!

I am not worried about to be bored, because it was a long time since I was bored (we are talking about a half year)!;D


Floorball, UPDATING!

It will be floorball trainings and games during the vacation... I haven't told you about this happening in Januari:

In October I had been asked to play a national game against the Belgium U-19 national team and it was in the beginning of the series here in Belgium so I answerd yes of course.

The time went fast and my skills improved with shows and I have saved every penalty so far in the series both in juniors league and in seniors league which I am proud over.

We had a bad first game (which we played on our home arena against Tigers) and we lost heavily, it was a lot of supporters, thanks but sorry but the main things is that we take us to the playoff, we are now third in the League and we have to be one of the firth best when the season is over to reach the playoff.

Here is a pic from the national game arena, where all national floorball game is played, the Belgium floorball team had a training here before our game.

And we won!!! 3-1, very equal game not so dramatic but very exciting during the whole game,

(first period: 1-0, second period: 2-0, third period: 2-1, 3-1)

It was a new stadion and the finest I have played in so far!

Great times!

Well played every chosen player!

Great birthday celebrating yesterday, it was fun!


I met some new great friends!(Y) Thanks to Brice, Quentin, Jérôme, Estelle and Simon it was a real pleasure to meet you also, funny and cool guys! Très bien!

Congratulations Schmidt!! ;D

Good night! :):)

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