Shiny Tuesday!

Tjeena manno! Riktigt tréf dag idag minsann!=D

(I am trying to learn my self the real Swedish language, according to the Swedes and I am improving everyday with something!)

The view from my window, nice weather! When we finally have got some real snow that seems to stay longer than a half day, I was thinking with some of my friends today to have some snow football on the field on gymnastics! Doesn't it sounds 3xtremly fun?;p

Back from School to have a little "ciesta" as you say in Spain. ^^

Well yeah, I had my presentation today with my Finnish friend Robert Välimäki,
the king of Tampere! Well done my friend! This presentation we had was about a new idéa by ourselves, "maybe it will come true in the future" to help refugees and IDP in the world. Here is some following main fact:

International Saviors (IS)

We are a special elite group appointed by UNICEF to care for a certain amount of youth refugees and ill-placed youth.

These young people must learn and develop so that they can take care of a society of their own after a 6-year period with little help from us. IS (International Savers) will of course support with funds and necessities.

Thanks for supporting me during the presentation Johan and Rodert that's why I am sharing this AWESOME picture to you!


Have a nice day everybody! =)

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