Sums up the recent time!

During the winter vacation,

first of all I want to say that when me and my Finnish friend Roope went home our plane was overbooked so we got an offer, 150 euros and 1 hour earlier in our destination Helsinki, the capital of Finland, soo...

...we took the offer directly but we had to pass Germany but I like Germany because I can talk German!

On the way back to Belgium I also flew through Germany, Frankfurt. Frankfurts airport is the second largest in Europe. I ate a real Bratwurst und es schmeckte sehr gut wie die Döner auch machen.

I am going to Germany this summer too, for practising German and enjoy the culture! Looking forward! (H)

What did I do in Finland, really?

Back in Finland I travelled around whole country to meet relatives, friends and my lovely family! I had an awesome winter holiday and wished it had been one week more, but of course it feels better than good to be back in Belgium in the second life! :)

The head point from Finland was when I became 18 years old, and went out for celebrating it, it was so successful! ;)


Sad that I couldn't cruise around with any car, I will take the car license in Belgium(French car school!) so when I come back we will cruise a lot! Maybe I take home a car from some of the neighbour countries such as Germany!


Christmas went well with a lot of gorgeous food and a real Santa Claus! I think I went up around 4 kg during the christmas time and I got a lot of new stuff as:

the list is long!

If you are a nice child you will get many christmas gifts!



And I cannot forget the  "Happy new year" celebrating in Närpes itself, which was awesome and very very nice! I appreciated and enjoyed every second! =)

I met a lot of old friends during my time in Finland and made new friends! =)

Thanks Finland for a nice Winter Vacation!


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