Waterloo around!

Waterloo is a really suitable place located in the Walloonia region which means that the community is talking French while in the other region of Belgium namely Flandern they are speaking dutch. You find Waterloo in the middle of Belgium in the heart of the heart, it lives almost 30 000 inhabitants but many of these are non-Belgian and work for institutions or companies in Brussels or for the political centre of the European Union. This town architecture is old stone cottage and bricks houses and it's a rich suburban to Brussels. The houses are often surounded of perfect cut hedges.

It's a great nature with deep forests and huge trees, I prefer you to come and visit Belgium when it's warm periods because then everything is more green and much more nice! Winter is also a fine period during the year here in Belgium but I am coming from Finland and enjoy the snow but it's cool to see the landscape in a other condition.

Waterloo City is really compact and consists mainly of a street that cross the whole city and on the both sides you can find a lots of different stores as international and Belgian national shops. Waterloo has also a variety of restaurants around the whole town cheaper and more expensive. Without talking about all facilities to get yourself a new hairstyle!

The "Night Life" in Belgium during the weekends are always loud and lively and it's a huge amount of youths out and it gets a nice atmosphere in the air and you get a cool aura around you! Some places in Waterloo in rank arrangements: Touch Down, Coctail Bar, Oscar's, Friday's, Knokke Out and Mezza... The well known Scandinavian party place in Brussels is called for LE YOU.

Some last words about Waterloo in this post, Waterloo is a really great place to live in, the public transport is working fine without any bigger problems and oddities with taxis, buses and trains, close to the train station you can find a market place and every Sunday a pretty big and comfortable market is held there. Good Night readers, friends, strangers, gamers, cool dudes and everybody! Sleep well!;)

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