Back from training & 1 March + SSBMUN meeting!

For the moment I am watching some French videos to improve the listening skills!

Back from training, a quick shower because it's only ice cold water on the castle again (it happens sometimes)... I did a good training this time an once a time I showed my penalty skills I have saved 4 of 4 penalties in the Belgium series which is 100% saves on penalties. Tonight the whole team was playing good, we had some different practises and three games! I enjoyed and appreciated the training!

Two pictures of the whole group from SSB at the parliament ( I am trying to raise the Finnish flag beside a lot of Swedish nationalists!;D )

Another pic from the same time

We also had a little encounter after the trip today with the SSBMUN team which cleared a lot and I think this is gonna be fun!, serious! and a nice day! to remeber if everyone is participating! :)

The summery of the day 11/10 (KALLE!)

Good night babes! ciao


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