Studying and working hard, but also enjoying the life as much as possible!

It's hard to avoid this beautiful weather, it was a perfect athletics training today! (#)

Always the same happy feeling when you get post, continue sending!! Everything is appreciated!;)

This is some stuff I found in my big letter last time,

SVENSK FRAMTID, a Finnish-Swedish magazine which included a lot of policy and youth policy.

When I am coming to Finland I will go and listen to André Wickström the Finnish-Swedish comedian/actor.

André Wickström in Sweden: !

He is so 'damn' good and a lot of people thinks his good and he is getting bigger and bigger! He has made a big career in Sweden these last years!

I'm waiting to see him live in Finland, Helsinki! (ofc I have seen him before, he is mine number one comedian in Finland easily!)

Shiny and wonderful Monday, we'll see what the weather offers in the near future!

Good Night!



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