Wonderful shiny Monday...

...all except that my team lost in the basketball tournament in the end on penalties! But after the group games my team had more points than they who won, but it was semifinals and finals also included in this tournament!


This weekend we have a floorball game in Waterloo in the School's Sports hall with the Waterloo Lions U-18 team and that's gonna be an exciting and a fun game, I hope I will see you there as many as possible as real supporters!



I had a long and intensive day at school today, I guess I will skip the athletics and study History instead!


We also started up with the SSBMUN concept today, awesome and I enjoy it a lot! I'm sitting in the chair and I have arranging this years SSBMUN 2011 because I participated in BERMUN 2011. At SSBMUN we are simulating the real United Nations by taking the role of a delegate of a country that for the most of the students are different from the persons origin to discuss political issues.

If anyone at the castle needs help do not hesitate to ask me, I want to help you as much as possible, the door will be open for everything during this SSBMUN days.

This years SSBMUN is new in many factors and one of them is that SBBMUN is devided into three different groups related to a main factor.

I'm working in the trafficking committee, in BERMUN I was alone from our school sitting in Disarmament committee and my chairmen often told us that we are the best group and pushed us, but actually I'm thinking as them now as a real chairman, but our group in trafficking is really containing of a lot of great people!


Have an awesome evening everybody!

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