Belgium Champions 2012 in Floorball!!

Good evening!

- This will be a post, reminder and a summarize about my floorball career down here in Europe.

"Floorball is a growing sport in Belgium and surrounding countries. At the first game I participated in a game I recognized directly the Belgian serious and focus in the match and around the match. I have played in all big Arenas in Belgium and I have got in that case a chance to travel around and acquaint me more with Belgium. Generally sports isn't just about to win it's a lot more, for example usually all Sports are very social. I have got a lot of new friends and experiences through this sport which I appreciate and benefit."

I'm looking backwards a couple of weeks when me and my Floorball team Waterloo Lions won the Belgium Floorball League which feels amazing good! It was the first time Waterloo Lions U-18 team won the series ever in the Floorball history in Belgium which makes it even more better!

Personally I have developed a lot and found a new moving strategy in the goal. I have also got a lot of new experiences now which makes me more dominate in the goal and sometimes I'm not concern about anything while other times it could be more pressure and nervous especially in important games. But it's good with adrenaline!

I have also trained 2-3 times a week and had one game per weekend and of course this shows results. During the season did I save three of three penalties and offer the audience some performance! After the Christmas Vacation I also bought me a new own floorball suit which has been working excellent!

Fancy medal memory

Proud owner

We will have a big celebration in June with the whole team together, looking forward for the celebrations!

Words that will stay and remain from my time in the goal might be:

- OJ, OJ, OJ! ='D

"Finally I want to thank all my trainers, teammates, coaches and parents and friends and the transport for me during the whole season without you it hadn't been possible. Thanks to all supporters also, you have been fantastic!"


Pictures throughout the season, check it out!

Old picture, in the beginning of the season

Dude is aiming

Eero and me, my Finnish teammate and real friend here in Belgium

Always put Finland or Malax on the map as much as possible! ;)

When I changed goal keeper suit to a new and much better


Night practise at 20:00-22:00 (21:14 is the clock)

That's one of my many homes, in the floorball goal. I have spent many houres in the floorball goal during my life here! Pretty fascinating!

Thanks for me, we are still practise and we will have one final friend match against Atom Eagles the last weekend of May.

"Good teamwork through the whole long season with more or less dramatic and exciting games!"

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