Last week with my relatives!

Hello there all!

As I told you last week I got some very nice visitors and I have been eager to tell you about it but school and other activities have stopped me to edit a post. We decided to visit mostly the Southeast part of Belgium because I haven't been there at all really and there were places and monuments to see.

I will show you in picture(you know that a picture tell you more than 1000 of words) format to be distinct, a couple of things that we did and hopefully it will compass enough. It is honoured pictures to you filled with humour, inspired of imagination and an inner vision of what we did.

La Hulpe was a place that excel a lot with it's great nature and furthermore the view from the Citadelle in Namur was also in equality nice as La Hulpe which is placed in Waterloo actually.


- It's a great city surrounded of old buildings, which makes it even more attractive to look around.

Waterloo, Le Button de Lion. It's the best preserved battlefield in Europe to discover, on which 300,000 men from 7 nations fought against each other.

- On my way up, I recognized fast that it was actually a little challenge to take all steps up but it was worth it. It was a unique panorama and a memorable climb.

- Ocke, my cool relative!

- The view over the battlefield from Napoleon's time.

3. Namur, a town known for military

- Namur

- A military podium.

4. La Hulpe, we took a walk through the area. Except the nature the castle and garden were really nice and stylish.

- The garden!

- Look kind of political there! =)

"It was a kind of exhaustion after that weekend but afterwards I could exhale calmly."

This was just a few things we did but greatful thanks for the visit! I appreciated it a lot!

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