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Finally weekend!
- awesome

In many cases I need to prioritize school for the moment for example decide what subjects I want to write next year in the final exams in Finland, National tests in different subjects, carry through assignments and tests, try to get rid of necessary courses.

Today I had my final test in History about international relations, it felt like the test went really well!

Yesterday before the History Test. Reading, preparing and listening with a lot of different materials -> to get the best grade, let's see the final grade later! We had only 50 minutes to write 2 essays, under pressure.

- I have a lot to tell and show you (for example when my [relatives]
and brother visited me which was really nice!)
So keep out, I will try to make my best with
the blog for the coming future!


To end this post I want to say;

"I hope everybody having a great and successful time in school or at work, peace"



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