Belgium Champions 2012 in Floorball!!

Good evening!

- This will be a post, reminder and a summarize about my floorball career down here in Europe.

"Floorball is a growing sport in Belgium and surrounding countries. At the first game I participated in a game I recognized directly the Belgian serious and focus in the match and around the match. I have played in all big Arenas in Belgium and I have got in that case a chance to travel around and acquaint me more with Belgium. Generally sports isn't just about to win it's a lot more, for example usually all Sports are very social. I have got a lot of new friends and experiences through this sport which I appreciate and benefit."

I'm looking backwards a couple of weeks when me and my Floorball team Waterloo Lions won the Belgium Floorball League which feels amazing good! It was the first time Waterloo Lions U-18 team won the series ever in the Floorball history in Belgium which makes it even more better!

Personally I have developed a lot and found a new moving strategy in the goal. I have also got a lot of new experiences now which makes me more dominate in the goal and sometimes I'm not concern about anything while other times it could be more pressure and nervous especially in important games. But it's good with adrenaline!

I have also trained 2-3 times a week and had one game per weekend and of course this shows results. During the season did I save three of three penalties and offer the audience some performance! After the Christmas Vacation I also bought me a new own floorball suit which has been working excellent!

Fancy medal memory

Proud owner

We will have a big celebration in June with the whole team together, looking forward for the celebrations!

Words that will stay and remain from my time in the goal might be:

- OJ, OJ, OJ! ='D

"Finally I want to thank all my trainers, teammates, coaches and parents and friends and the transport for me during the whole season without you it hadn't been possible. Thanks to all supporters also, you have been fantastic!"


Pictures throughout the season, check it out!

Old picture, in the beginning of the season

Dude is aiming

Eero and me, my Finnish teammate and real friend here in Belgium

Always put Finland or Malax on the map as much as possible! ;)

When I changed goal keeper suit to a new and much better


Night practise at 20:00-22:00 (21:14 is the clock)

That's one of my many homes, in the floorball goal. I have spent many houres in the floorball goal during my life here! Pretty fascinating!

Thanks for me, we are still practise and we will have one final friend match against Atom Eagles the last weekend of May.

"Good teamwork through the whole long season with more or less dramatic and exciting games!"

Another Awesome Week Has Started!

Hello it's Monday and a new week has started!

The week started really good with a successful application about my final exams in Finland next school year, new personal record at the 4 km test in Gymnastics and I also received a nice job offer from an employer!

About the week so far

This week is a bit shorter than the school week use to be because of the "Ascension of Christ" so after school at Wednesday we are free until Monday morning. Chill, celebrations or time for studying!

On Thursday it's the Norwegian independence day and that's a day of celebrations! ;)


On Saturday I have actually planned a trip to Amsterdam to meet my dear cousin and visit the country! ;D


This week I'm also responsible student with my Finnish friend Roope at the castle which means we have to check so everything is in order around the boarding through the whole week.

"Here is a picture of the responsible student, behave yourself this week and try to show respect to the others also otherwise... Btw, on the boarding we have found a couple of cockroaches(I helped two Norwegian girls to take away one today, just call on me if you need some backup). So to prevent this; Answer: keep cleaning, don't leave your own wash or rubbish around yourself put it therefore firmly in the bins." ;b

Butte du Lion

"I wish you a good week everybody, good night all cool people!



A couple of memorable days!

Good morning!

Last Sunday(6 th May) Scandinavian School of Brussels was organizing and celebrating the SSB-day a bigger event around the whole School park, which included a day with a lot of exciting programs. You were also available to buy food and products made from whole Scandinavian.

I was self participating in some different programs at the SSB-day. For example I was playing drums and accustic guitar with the Gym Music Group(we had only trained 2 times before the show) but it went really good for that!

- Playing drums, this song was fragile.

Here is the link to our music website at SSB Enjoy!

- This is from the Swedish EU representation, when we were invited to have a lunch concert for them.

- This is another picture when we have had concerts. This is at the castle were I'm living, "Music Café".

This weekend at Saturday
we celebrated Snellmandagen och finskhetens dag. At SSB they had arranging programs but mostly for the younger children.

- Suomi poika!

- My Swedish friend George asked me today, - if I love Finland?  -Of course I do. My opinion is that you should respect, pay tribute and be proud of you native country.

Today it's Mother's day
in Finland, which is a celebration that honors mothers. Mother's Day is a feast where children celebrate their mothers.

Have a nice day mom!


"Thanks Mom
, without you I hadn't existed."

Swedish EU representation for a lunch concert

Last week with my relatives!

Hello there all!

As I told you last week I got some very nice visitors and I have been eager to tell you about it but school and other activities have stopped me to edit a post. We decided to visit mostly the Southeast part of Belgium because I haven't been there at all really and there were places and monuments to see.

I will show you in picture(you know that a picture tell you more than 1000 of words) format to be distinct, a couple of things that we did and hopefully it will compass enough. It is honoured pictures to you filled with humour, inspired of imagination and an inner vision of what we did.

La Hulpe was a place that excel a lot with it's great nature and furthermore the view from the Citadelle in Namur was also in equality nice as La Hulpe which is placed in Waterloo actually.


- It's a great city surrounded of old buildings, which makes it even more attractive to look around.

Waterloo, Le Button de Lion. It's the best preserved battlefield in Europe to discover, on which 300,000 men from 7 nations fought against each other.

- On my way up, I recognized fast that it was actually a little challenge to take all steps up but it was worth it. It was a unique panorama and a memorable climb.

- Ocke, my cool relative!

- The view over the battlefield from Napoleon's time.

3. Namur, a town known for military

- Namur

- A military podium.

4. La Hulpe, we took a walk through the area. Except the nature the castle and garden were really nice and stylish.

- The garden!

- Look kind of political there! =)

"It was a kind of exhaustion after that weekend but afterwards I could exhale calmly."

This was just a few things we did but greatful thanks for the visit! I appreciated it a lot!

School > Blog and a lot of other things

Finally weekend!
- awesome

In many cases I need to prioritize school for the moment for example decide what subjects I want to write next year in the final exams in Finland, National tests in different subjects, carry through assignments and tests, try to get rid of necessary courses.

Today I had my final test in History about international relations, it felt like the test went really well!

Yesterday before the History Test. Reading, preparing and listening with a lot of different materials -> to get the best grade, let's see the final grade later! We had only 50 minutes to write 2 essays, under pressure.

- I have a lot to tell and show you (for example when my [relatives]
and brother visited me which was really nice!)
So keep out, I will try to make my best with
the blog for the coming future!


To end this post I want to say;

"I hope everybody having a great and successful time in school or at work, peace"


Damn excited! ;D

Some of my relatives are on their way to the castle now,



Have a nice day everyone,
and enjoy the beautiful and sunny weather!(#)

~ New Hair Style, en France~


"I had to try to cut my hair in Waterloo, surprised when they didn't know any English at all, for example they didn't know what "BEST" means... or should I be surprised, actually not.

So I'm just telling you it can be hard for those which not speak any French at all to live in the French area of Belgium, but this was the result for 18,50 euro
! ;'D"

Looking forward tomorrow to see my 'cool' brother! Long time since last time!

Wish you all a good night!


Tomorrow comes relatives!


Tomorrow is some of my relatives coming to visit me here in Belgium,

i'm looking forward to it, it will be fun, nice and really awesome!

- A long time since last time

Tomorrow we have English National Test and after that I have Finnish History and then I will spend the time with my relatives.

Have A Nice Evening!

The last part of my blog diary starts now!

Good evening everybody out there in the world!

Two Finnish comedians! Haha, just look at them.

"It's hardly two months left of this wonderful year here at Scandinavian School of Brussels now for me, I have recognized that the time is passing faster than you can imagine.

I will not sum up the whole year now but I can tell you as much as that these eight months I have been living here in the hearth of Europe so far has only been positive as appreciated, amazing and fantastic lovely.

But I have tried to press this exchange year to max in every case so therefore it will not feel too bad to leave it behind later, hopefully."

Summarize up from the Easter break briefly!

Easter break was almost three valuable weeks (but not enough time) for me which I spent in Germany, Sweden but mainly in Finland. I did a lot of different things, only great things. This is something of all I did, Check it out!

1. Helsinki,

I joined a interesting political discussion about the Defence Forces: NatO, EU-defense and status quo with Carl Haglund, European parliamentarian. There were also Stefan Wallin the Finnish Defence Minister and Philip Malone an ambassador for United Kingdom. This discussion was also filmed by television, there a lot of my contacs saw me.

Some of my friends saw me also at the Swedish television program TV4. Because TV4 had been here at Scandinavian School of Brussels for approximately two months ago and made a program about our School.

I will not forget the funny theater with André Wickström and "the 10 commandments". André Wickström is my favorite actor of all Finnish actors.

Doing the legendary "RUOKAKERMA!" from the Swedish humor Parliament program, this is backstage after the show was finished.

2. Tampere,

I did also visit Tampere for a couple of days and spent some time at the luxury swim house.

Outside of the huge place,

inside, a small part of the giant swim house.

3. Ostrobotnia,

The notorious helicopter! (Y)

A nice view from the archipelago over "Häschjäsfjäälin" in Närpes. The relaxing source from everything.

Another day, with "white" swans! ^^

During the whole Easter Vacation I met a lot of people and new people, thanks to you it was a pleasure and really fun! See you soon!

Best Regards, 

Johannes Wilson


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