Finland pushes me and soon will save me!


- Salut! Ca va?!

Today, I actually started my Finnish course three through video conferens from Finland, I enjoy it and it's fun to be connected with other students online and having lessons!

What else? A lot of works to get done before the Easter Vacation as Finnsih, Finnish History and Finnish Maths because the Easter Vacation that was a never ever coming Vacation is here soon! My vacation starts from Friday and is coming closer and closer now with a high speed or an unstoppable speed you could say!

Counting down!;)

Good night, they said it's gonna be a good Wednesday!


Last School week has started until Easter Vacation!

Bonjour tout le monde!

I'm posting up some more pictures from the boarding trip to Antwerpen during the weekend, Enjoy!

On the way to Antwerpen by a double decker bus sitting in the front seat on the second level with some Norwegian girls, great enough! A bit tired from Friday night too! (hehe)

Location on the map,

just arrived to the well-known train station,

The outside of the train station listening to the guide.

Huge and great views over Antwerpen...




A really nice place on a sunny Saturday day!

Enjoying and appreciating!

Gathered after the whole day,

I like to travel or I love to, "an another trip gives more experiences". Antwerpen was really good almost better than Brussels!

What else have I been doing today?

- Development talk with my tutor; developing in all subjects except those who already is excellent, positive!

- We had badminton at the gymnastics, we have a Swedish student who is making her work experiences here so that's something I suggest to new coming teachers, come and do your work experinces here, especially if you are talking French!

My present quotes: "There is nothing permanent except change" and "Listen to your brain, it has a lot of information." ;')

Have a nice evening! :):)

The weekend!


Friday was the start of the warmer weather time period in Belgium, a extremly hot and sunny day that we all appreciated here in the heart of Europe.

When I'm enjoying this beautiful weather I use to joke and say to my Scandinavian friends:
- It feels like the Finnish summer! =D

- You should come and visit me, my friends and my country! It's f-f-fantastic!

- Waterloo


Saturday started quite early in the morning(07:00) and we boarding students went for the trip to Antwerpen in Flandern finally, where they all are speaking Dutch. It was an appreciated trip, the weather was perfect and the day was perfect generally!

Through the day I spent money for example on a clock, sunglasses and different kind of foods. In Antwerpen they have a really nice and huge market every Saturday, where you can bargains cheaper and more expensive things, they are offering a lot of different food and things.

First of all we walked together in a group with a guide, the most three important things you should know about Antwerpen:


Antwerpen is top three in the whole world with cooperating of ocean freight, with totally over 500 berths.


The train station of Antwerpen is nominated to one of the most beautiful train stations in the world.


80% of all diamonds are passing by Antwerpen for refinement from for example Africa.

- In this building all the transfers with diamonds is happening in Antwerpen and it's no contracts you make if you want to deal it's handshakes that counts

- In the centrum

- Another view from the centrum

- An artwork close to the church

- The giant cathedral in Antwerpen which took a long time to build


I Woke up twelve o'clock as I always do on the weekends and went directly down from my room to eat some huge brunch with many different alternatives on the castle.

I had packed my floorball bag the day before(good organisation!) so I just took my bag with all floorball needed things for a goalkeeper as I am and went down to the Sports hall where we played a very steady and exciting match today.


(1-2,2-1,2-0) = 5-3 to us "Waterloo Lions", another victory another step closer to the Play Offs!

Today I was playing in the goal for and thinking of my dear friend Jim from Malax, R.I.P!


Thursday, Floorball and Regards!

Today it's Thursday already, and tomorrow comes Friday!

The weekend, we all have been waiting for!

Floorball tonight and game on Sunday 16:00 at Scandinavian School of Brussels!

Floorball training with Waterloo Lions adults team tonight 20:00-22:00 as usual! I have not participated during the two last weeks because I have had other things to priority.

Damn skilled goalkeeper xZ

Regards to all you in Finland,

- I hope you all have a good time in Finland, I'm soon coming pass by Finland in three weeks, I'm wishing you a nice weekend so keep out, see you soon!

"See you if you see me!"

Pretty Mighty! ;'D

Have a nice evening everybody!


On my way to the EU-representation!

Today I'm going to the European Representation with the music band on SSB, because we were invited to come and play music and sing as a lunchtime concert! This is a "bonus opportunity" for me today, both music and politics!

Music and,


Have a nice day!



Hello everybody! Fighting through the week now, the weekend will be more attractive and funnier when we will celebrate together, because the following weekend we are leaving the castle for Easter Vacation and away from SSB and Belgium for some very well needed holiday in almost three fantastic weeks! (y)

Here is three pictures from my own room and why the Swedish students don't want to visit my "washing room",

Hey you! Always happy and smiling,

This is the very big reason! Haha! ;D

I'm of course talking about the legend World Championship in ice hockey from last year when Finland won 6-1 against Sweden. To remember the day; !

But I'm luckily a Finnish-Swedish inhabitant from Finland, so they are accepting me but this painting is really well made however which I did with my friend from Finland one night! 

It's soon coming a new World Champion tounament! During the Christmas vacation did the small lions lost against Sweden which was pretty sad.

Miniature, click on the pic to make it bigger!

This pic did I take at the same (TRUE!) time that Mikael Granlund totally failed on his penalty and Finland lost against Sweden! Link when Mikael Granlund fail on his penalty: .

Ice hockey is a fast-paced physical sport, and it's really entertaining sport to watch on TV because it is happening a lot, it's action! To end this post about Finnsh hockey I have to show you this link too "Mikael Granlundin Ilmaveivi 13.5.2011" !

This is it!

Have a nice week! Study hard, recommend!



Studying and working hard, but also enjoying the life as much as possible!

It's hard to avoid this beautiful weather, it was a perfect athletics training today! (#)

Always the same happy feeling when you get post, continue sending!! Everything is appreciated!;)

This is some stuff I found in my big letter last time,

SVENSK FRAMTID, a Finnish-Swedish magazine which included a lot of policy and youth policy.

When I am coming to Finland I will go and listen to André Wickström the Finnish-Swedish comedian/actor.

André Wickström in Sweden: !

He is so 'damn' good and a lot of people thinks his good and he is getting bigger and bigger! He has made a big career in Sweden these last years!

I'm waiting to see him live in Finland, Helsinki! (ofc I have seen him before, he is mine number one comedian in Finland easily!)

Shiny and wonderful Monday, we'll see what the weather offers in the near future!

Good Night!


Another week expired!

Good evening!

Weeks are passing faster and faster because the Easter Vacation is coming closer! I have already got positive feelings to be able to come back to Finland for almost three weeks, a lot of plans is already booked!

This link above is a countdown, until I arriving to Finland, Helsinki!

I was one of hardly 10 in the administration of SSBMUN 2012

SBBMUN went well, all student took it really serious and they seemed to enjoy it! We had invited a speaker who spoke really well and got everyone started and gave us all inspiration and justifications to start working good to make good resolutions together.

SSBMUN is a conference were the school students simulate the real United Nations by taking the role of a delegate of a country, different from the persons origin to discuss political issues.

I was working in the Trafficking Committee in the chair, to be a chair means to help and control in the hall. I had made the whole resolution

which is the hardest part to do and requires a lot of time, I recognized it wasn't so easy for all to understand it but I couldn't tell or help you just because of the rules to make you believe it was the submitter "The Delegation of Netherlands" that had made it... :')

All students were divided into three different committees;

- Trafficking Committee

- Migration Committee

- World Rights Committee

Tomorrow it's a new week with Finnish test for example, the School is going real good for the moment with high grades 10,9,10... so I will try to do my best in school until the much needed vacation!

Good Night all sweet persons!;)

Wonderful shiny Monday...

...all except that my team lost in the basketball tournament in the end on penalties! But after the group games my team had more points than they who won, but it was semifinals and finals also included in this tournament!


This weekend we have a floorball game in Waterloo in the School's Sports hall with the Waterloo Lions U-18 team and that's gonna be an exciting and a fun game, I hope I will see you there as many as possible as real supporters!



I had a long and intensive day at school today, I guess I will skip the athletics and study History instead!


We also started up with the SSBMUN concept today, awesome and I enjoy it a lot! I'm sitting in the chair and I have arranging this years SSBMUN 2011 because I participated in BERMUN 2011. At SSBMUN we are simulating the real United Nations by taking the role of a delegate of a country that for the most of the students are different from the persons origin to discuss political issues.

If anyone at the castle needs help do not hesitate to ask me, I want to help you as much as possible, the door will be open for everything during this SSBMUN days.

This years SSBMUN is new in many factors and one of them is that SBBMUN is devided into three different groups related to a main factor.

I'm working in the trafficking committee, in BERMUN I was alone from our school sitting in Disarmament committee and my chairmen often told us that we are the best group and pushed us, but actually I'm thinking as them now as a real chairman, but our group in trafficking is really containing of a lot of great people!


Have an awesome evening everybody!

End of this spectacular week and weekend!

Good evening!

Tomorrow is a new week starting and a lot of new opportunities,

Tomorrow from the early morning all students in Upper Secondary School have a basketball tournament and the Sports teachers told us to go to bed early,*

Tomorrow starts SBBMUN (Monday-Wednesday) also and that's gonna be interesting, fun and a lot of works for everyone!

Victory today!

Today we had a floorball game with the seniors in Waterloo Lions playing in the Belgium League and we finally, finally won and we did play really good also, The game ended 10-4 I think but however a victory. During the game one of the other team beat me with the stick on my right hand so my thumb nail was shattered and a bit further down it started to bleed and now it's a brand of battling on the suit. 

*and you should always listen to the teachers!;) Good night dear readers!:)

An Article About Me In The New Magazine Kompis!

Well good evening everybody out there in the world today it's a really good day of many reasons!

- The Magazine is finally out, and I love it and so did the rest on the Scandinavian School of Brussels, so thanks a lot Hanna for interviewing me!:)

The Cover

The Article

You have all info there, just ask me if it's something and I can give you more information, you can email me or just add me if it's something that you want.

This Magazine has 7000 editions in whole Finland, which is pretty extrem.

- Today my grandpa is celebrating his 90 years day!! I'm so happy for him and all relatives that proudly can wear his lastname Wilson! I'm really sad to not be able to participate with you all! Have a wonderful day dear Verner! A hero for Finland in the war and a strong man during the whole life!

- It's Friday this massive week is over, and next week is also tough but more funnier!!:) With SSBMUN, basketball tournament, a day off at Thursday and the last tests for this period. I will really enjoy this weekend, to be ready for next week as I try to tell you I'm a bit sick, like having some kind of colds. I just want to point out that I have not had fever on like 2-3 years.

Have a nice weekend!

TV4 Sweden, spring and the magazine 'Kompis' is released!

It's happening a lot at SSB for the moment with everything! But it's also good and fun to be under pressure sometimes! :)

Today we had visiters from TV4 Sweden that made a program about our School so keep your eyes open, 

hopefully I will get that viedo type and link it here later.

Yesterday's 'Korfbaal' tournament went really good in that case it was the first time we played together and played real games but if we had got one or two trainings to practise especially to train shoots it had probably went much better.

They are playing this strange sport a lot here in Belgium and Holland professional and in schools. Check this out 'Korfbaal' link:

It feels more and more like spring now but not really and I hope it will be warmer and all these colds can disappear in the air!

Today was the magazine 'Kompis' released in atleast my old lower secondary school Högstadiet i Petalax (HiP). I spoiled my blog there, and here it is! Plz just feel free to contact me or be my friend on facebook for instance! It's a totally new magazine and I have no clues what it looks like yet, just so exciting!;D I will soon get that article from the company posted to my school, just waiting! (bah).

Today is also the International Women's Day which is always celebrated on 8 March for women's inequality!


Except that the TV4 filmed my lesson when I had mother tongue, I also got my grade as an actor today I got a well achieved 10. (In Finland we have the scale from 4-10 in Lower Secondary School). Because we had a project to make a movie about some kind of saints. And my group decided to make a movie about the well known "Saint Göran and the dragon".

Boyaah, a very good day at the school!

<=> Tomorrow comes Friday even better!


A beautiful start on the new exciting week!;)

A new week, with new achievements and new possibilities!

This week will be
tough in the school including the following week that's why I spended my weekend at the castle and didn't go out for something perhaps funnier and more attractive!

- Views from the inside of the Scandinavian School of Brussels.

we had handball at sports, both French and Finnish teachers were sick but our good English teacher was present and we discussed the last questions about "THINGS FALL APART". This book is about the great warrior Okonkwo from West Africa who is the leader of the powerful tribe from Umuofia. I don't like to read books but when you are more or less forced to it and give the book that time it needs it actually is quite interesting and sometimes even more interesting! This book Things Fall Apart which is a bestseller and quite famous as the Alchemist gets 4/5 points.

(Or 4/5 boston gurkor as my funny friends Alexander R & Johan N would like me to write instead. I'm Sharing a lot dudes! Haha!;D)

Weather Today
we had -2,0 degrees with light snowfall and some rain, strange weather in Belgium not the climate because weather is something that changes much often, climate is something that happens during a longer time further forward in the time. Because we had +16 degrees on Saturday! My friend from Brussels told me that they had around +30 degrees in the end of March last year, sounds good! I would enjoy it! Wouldn't you?(#)

- View from window. Pretty bad weather today you see!

I'm actually coming forward with the driving license
and more and more is clearing up, tomorrow I'm going to visit the "AUTO-ECOLE EUROPEENNE". And discuss about the driving exam, if I need an interpreter from French into English, and when I have the access to start driving!

the SSBMUN group will present the whole SSBMUN for each GYM class at the tutor lessons. Be aware of a piece of information.


- Picture of the Disarmament Committee, my committee the best one, I really enjoyed it! Thanks all that made it so funny and good and the atmosphere was amazing in Germany, Berlin. I miss it. Do you?

is a "Korfbaal" tournament waiting and SSB has a team for students. It's quite the same as basketball but less tackles and you are not either score the same way because you can move yourself in a radie of 360 degrees around the score point.

- Looking forward! (Y)


Have a good evening and a good week of studies or a great working week!


Today 13-1 / 13-0 really / U-18 series Waterloo Lions!

I woke up early this morning(08:00) by a phone call from my friend in Finland that told me to not hassle anything today and that I had to win today without let the other team score anything!

Yeaaaah another victory! I heard from some statistics and friends that Waterloo Lions U-18 team has been second a lot of times but this year we are here to win! Really good played and really good coached by or trainers, thanks to our big true supporting family also, because without you it had been nothing!

Why I'm writing 13-0... is because that one who scored a goal on us pushed the ball in the goal with the body and during the same time he was standing with his right foot in the little goalkeeper's zone. But I have really learnt to not stop playing, you always have to play until you hear the whistle sound. Or another example in 100 meter you have to run 105 meter 100%!

I also got a comment from one of the judges during the match that I should be aware of the big goalkeeper's zone line, I was apparently almost outside the line some times.

It's always good to get feedback even though it's positive or negative, today I received plenty of positive feedbacks also from the opponents, who also wished us good luck in the final, and wanted us to beat the team that are closest to us!

In Affligem

<- Mighty Devils Aalst       /      Waterloo Lions ->

Have a nice day everyone!


Belgium today & thoughts about the driving licenses!!

18 years old and without a driving license still... getting more and more pressed to take it from next week I will find a Belgium car school and take informations from there, that's my mission for the next week. I will Confirming you in the end of next week if it was:    

Mission Complete
Mission Failed !

I can just observe my own sign so far!;D But cool enough, hahahh! ;b

Weather today, 16 degrees, the air and temperature together feels like the Finnish month May. (Taken 18:30)

Game day t0m0rrow! Good night, wish us luck, long time since last game with the U-18 team! ;O Except that national game agianst Belgium national team.


Practise with Waterloo Lions!

Training today, starting about seven long minutes! Gameday tomorrow with U-18 team, we have to be good T0m0rrow! See you at practise dudes!


Listening to metallica to get started! ->

Have an awesome Friday everybody!

Cleaning, studying, working... = GOOD BOY!


Hah, yeah!, (proud to be a BERMUN'er, miss it, you and that week in Germany, Berlin it was a real dream!)

[I wish you have it awesome! at YOU & especially having fun!, sans moi] !! :):)

G n c
o i i
o g a
d h o
t !

Great Friday!!;D (Y)

Tjoo! Hello everybody!! =D =))

I started with gymnastic today and we played basketball, 36-27 to my team, well played my good-good girls!;D

"Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game."
- A famous Michael Jordan quote.

However, yesterday I had not time to update it but yesterday the Finnish president entered the position as the president of Finland(1 March)! Congratulations Sauli Niinistö, a Great man for a Great country!


Poika! (as George would say, my friend from Sweden which also is living on the castle he has been sick for a week now, hope you are getting better MAN so we can go out and party with some Great girls!)

At school I handed in the last assignments before I went home at 15:30. A Great Friday I also met a lady from Närpes which is my Finnish friend Michelle's mother! It was really nice!! =)

I will try to get some sleep now and a lot of plans tonight but I don't know what I have energy to, YOU CAN ALWAYS STUDY I HAVE RECOGNIZED! ;) haha :)

Good Night for a moment! (S) I also heard from my sources and contacts that it will be a Valentine Bale on the castle or more like a disco, sounds intresting to just walk by and check it out! ;) Someone that wants to join?;D

Back from training & 1 March + SSBMUN meeting!

For the moment I am watching some French videos to improve the listening skills!

Back from training, a quick shower because it's only ice cold water on the castle again (it happens sometimes)... I did a good training this time an once a time I showed my penalty skills I have saved 4 of 4 penalties in the Belgium series which is 100% saves on penalties. Tonight the whole team was playing good, we had some different practises and three games! I enjoyed and appreciated the training!

Two pictures of the whole group from SSB at the parliament ( I am trying to raise the Finnish flag beside a lot of Swedish nationalists!;D )

Another pic from the same time

We also had a little encounter after the trip today with the SSBMUN team which cleared a lot and I think this is gonna be fun!, serious! and a nice day! to remeber if everyone is participating! :)

The summery of the day 11/10 (KALLE!)

Good night babes! ciao


I am really getting into the politic now...  FLOORBALL TRAINING NOW WITH WATERLOO LIONS SENIORS!! =D ;) =)

Plenum sal! That building I showed you yesterday, but this pic comes from the inside of the building!

Rodert and Johan (Butlers) bought me (President of Malax) this pins ->

ELEGANT! haha! ;D

Stuff from the political trip today in Brussels! Information in Finnish, Swedish, English and German(Y) !


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