End of this spectacular week and weekend!

Good evening!

Tomorrow is a new week starting and a lot of new opportunities,

Tomorrow from the early morning all students in Upper Secondary School have a basketball tournament and the Sports teachers told us to go to bed early,*

Tomorrow starts SBBMUN (Monday-Wednesday) also and that's gonna be interesting, fun and a lot of works for everyone!

Victory today!

Today we had a floorball game with the seniors in Waterloo Lions playing in the Belgium League and we finally, finally won and we did play really good also, The game ended 10-4 I think but however a victory. During the game one of the other team beat me with the stick on my right hand so my thumb nail was shattered and a bit further down it started to bleed and now it's a brand of battling on the suit. 

*and you should always listen to the teachers!;) Good night dear readers!:)


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