Great Friday!!;D (Y)

Tjoo! Hello everybody!! =D =))

I started with gymnastic today and we played basketball, 36-27 to my team, well played my good-good girls!;D

"Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game."
- A famous Michael Jordan quote.

However, yesterday I had not time to update it but yesterday the Finnish president entered the position as the president of Finland(1 March)! Congratulations Sauli Niinistö, a Great man for a Great country!


Poika! (as George would say, my friend from Sweden which also is living on the castle he has been sick for a week now, hope you are getting better MAN so we can go out and party with some Great girls!)

At school I handed in the last assignments before I went home at 15:30. A Great Friday I also met a lady from Närpes which is my Finnish friend Michelle's mother! It was really nice!! =)

I will try to get some sleep now and a lot of plans tonight but I don't know what I have energy to, YOU CAN ALWAYS STUDY I HAVE RECOGNIZED! ;) haha :)

Good Night for a moment! (S) I also heard from my sources and contacts that it will be a Valentine Bale on the castle or more like a disco, sounds intresting to just walk by and check it out! ;) Someone that wants to join?;D

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