An Article About Me In The New Magazine Kompis!

Well good evening everybody out there in the world today it's a really good day of many reasons!

- The Magazine is finally out, and I love it and so did the rest on the Scandinavian School of Brussels, so thanks a lot Hanna for interviewing me!:)

The Cover

The Article

You have all info there, just ask me if it's something and I can give you more information, you can email me or just add me if it's something that you want.

This Magazine has 7000 editions in whole Finland, which is pretty extrem.

- Today my grandpa is celebrating his 90 years day!! I'm so happy for him and all relatives that proudly can wear his lastname Wilson! I'm really sad to not be able to participate with you all! Have a wonderful day dear Verner! A hero for Finland in the war and a strong man during the whole life!

- It's Friday this massive week is over, and next week is also tough but more funnier!!:) With SSBMUN, basketball tournament, a day off at Thursday and the last tests for this period. I will really enjoy this weekend, to be ready for next week as I try to tell you I'm a bit sick, like having some kind of colds. I just want to point out that I have not had fever on like 2-3 years.

Have a nice weekend!


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