Today 13-1 / 13-0 really / U-18 series Waterloo Lions!

I woke up early this morning(08:00) by a phone call from my friend in Finland that told me to not hassle anything today and that I had to win today without let the other team score anything!

Yeaaaah another victory! I heard from some statistics and friends that Waterloo Lions U-18 team has been second a lot of times but this year we are here to win! Really good played and really good coached by or trainers, thanks to our big true supporting family also, because without you it had been nothing!

Why I'm writing 13-0... is because that one who scored a goal on us pushed the ball in the goal with the body and during the same time he was standing with his right foot in the little goalkeeper's zone. But I have really learnt to not stop playing, you always have to play until you hear the whistle sound. Or another example in 100 meter you have to run 105 meter 100%!

I also got a comment from one of the judges during the match that I should be aware of the big goalkeeper's zone line, I was apparently almost outside the line some times.

It's always good to get feedback even though it's positive or negative, today I received plenty of positive feedbacks also from the opponents, who also wished us good luck in the final, and wanted us to beat the team that are closest to us!

In Affligem

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Have a nice day everyone!



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